Shootings that have lasted 10 uninterrupted days cause fear and disturbances in the west zone of Rio

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Clashes between drug dealers and militiamen in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, which have lasted for ten days without interruption, mobilize the Military and Civil Police, in addition to causing fear and inconvenience to the population of that region.

Shootings are concentrated in the greater Jacarepaguá region, especially in the communities of Gardênia Azul, Muzema and Cidade de Deus. In conversation with CNN interlocutors from the security forces in Rio said that there are high-end condominiums installed among these communities and that this raises concern for the authorities.

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On profiles on social networks, residents of Cidade de Deus, such as CDD Happens, reported on the situation this Wednesday (25)

“We recommend that during the day, you make contact with friends and family to find out how the area you live or have to pass is doing, or look at this publication to see if there are any updates. The roads are normally open. […] Avoid leaving children on the streets. Fires are heard all the time”, warns one of the posts.

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Fireworks are used by members of the drug trade in communities to alert the police to their presence.

In conversation with CNN a resident of Gardênia Azul, who declined to be identified, reported the situation in his neighborhood.

“There really is a war going on between drug dealers and militiamen. In the reports that come to us, always after the clashes between these groups, the police arrive to resolve. At the moment, the community is occupied by the police”.

Last Monday night (23), a man was killed in the Muzema Community, but the police say that it is still not possible to link the death to the war between criminals.

In a note, the Civil Police reported that it is investigating the actions of drug dealers and militiamen in the region in order to identify the perpetrators.

“The Civil Police adds that the collection of intelligence information and constant monitoring of data are used for actions, aimed at identifying and arresting members of these criminal organizations,” says the statement.

The Military Police reported that they also operate in the region and map what would be the territorial dispute of criminals in the region. On Wednesday, four men were arrested – three in Cidade de Deus and one in Morro do Banco. bullet proof.

In the streets of the neighborhood, the PM also found barricades, which were removed by the police.

(Posted by Carolina Farias)

Source: CNN Brasil

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