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Dimitris Anthi’s brother, Stathis, has been missing for ten days

Stathis Anthis, his brother, has been missing for ten days Dimitris, of the actor who a few days ago reported his sexual abuse by a colleague.

Stathis Anthis, known as “Stan” in the area, according to the British media, has been missing since March 8. That was the last time he was seen at the Burgh Island Hotel in the Bigbury-on-Sea area where he worked. According to the Kingsbridge authorities and as reported by the Star, Stathis left his room at 5 in the early hours of Monday in an “anxious” state.

As Kingsbridge police explain, there are many scenarios for his condition. One of them is that he is good with friends in Plymouth.

The searches continue on the rocky shores of the area, while vessels of the port to search the sea with the assistance of a helicopter.

His details have already been made public by the disappearance service.

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