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In America, those who go to get the vaccine dresses up for the evening (or almost)

The pandemic and the consequent lockdowns more or less widespread in every part of the world have upset people’s daily lives, starting with their own relationship with clothes: the absolute search for comfort has invested every trend, bringing every style closer to loungewear. Dressing up fully, in this context, has become an obsolete and at the same time desired practice, waiting for better times in which to express oneself in the social dimension. For many citizens, this change of perspective coincides with the possibility of getting vaccinated and returning to a life as normal as possible, which in America is being symbolically welcomed precisely through the look choices to get your first dose.

For some therefore, obtaining the vaccine is a real one celebration, to be honored with evening dresses and tuxedos: after a year spent at home between yoga clothing and oversized sweatshirts, after all, what could be better than a significant – stylistic – change of register to usher in a new and more hopeful chapter? There are many users who have shared photos and stories of their parents, grandparents and neighbors dressed up to go to the local vaccination center on social networks: Dolly Parton was one of the first sources of inspiration in this regard, wearing an elegant and sparkling midnight blue dress to receive her first dose of the Moderna vaccine.

Younger American citizens like the actress also celebrate in this fashion mode Ashlie Atkinson“I really wanted to celebrate what seemed like a moment of hope in a year of real stress, trauma and tragedy,” said the 43-year-old, adding that the suit worn for the vaccine was purchased before the pandemic for an event that was subsequently canceled. Atkinson’s post went viral, receiving a myriad of enthusiastic comments and testimonies from other women who decided to follow suit.

Certainly a singular way, but at least joyful and purposeful, to finally see a glimmer of light outside the tunnel.

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