Home World Dimitris Manzos: ‘The Plenary of the Parliament cannot debate on non-existent rumours’

Dimitris Manzos: ‘The Plenary of the Parliament cannot debate on non-existent rumours’

Dimitris Manzos: ‘The Plenary of the Parliament cannot debate on non-existent rumours’

“Yesterday in the Institutions and Transparency Committee, a major issue really arose. From what it seems, from what emerges, from what has been leaked, there is an answer or a position of the current commander, which does not exclude the possibility today as well , August 2022, to have ongoing monitoring of public figures” noted PASOK-Movement for Change press representative Dimitris Manzos about what happened in the aftermath of yesterday’s hearing of Mr. Themistocles Demiris at the Institutions and Transparency Committee.

Mr. Manzos, speaking on the morning show of ANT1, emphasized that “the mere fact that we are debating this question proves that it is even more imperative that the Committee on Institutions and Transparency reconvenes immediately today and tomorrow morning, however before the Plenary. Because we call it days. The Plenary cannot meet and discuss on non-existent rumours. The Parliament must, institutionally, finally, be informed. We call on all political forces to react and take a position on this,” stressed Mr. Manzos.

When asked whether PASOK-Movement of Change is politically favored by highlighting the case of surveillance, Dimitris Manzos emphasized that “the issue is deeply democratic. It is not partisan and certainly not parapolitical. And one cannot transfer this case from its real dimension, which is a Democracy issue, which concerns the core of our democratic functioning, to the chessboard of parapolitics in the current situation. We do not see it that way”.

He also underlined that “if there is a serious national security reason, if Mr. Androulakis is suspected of national security, he is dangerous to the nation, if Mr. Androulakis is a spy of a foreign power against the country – because this is based on the law and the Constitution the reason of national security that can justify the lifting of the secrecy of communications – the citizens must know it. Nikos Androulakis, president of PASOK-Movement for Change, goes to the polls and asks for the vote of the citizens. Nikos Androulakis is a candidate and potential prime minister. Greek citizens must know if this man is so dangerous for the Greek people and the Greek nation. We must know. Isn’t that right?”

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