Diplomatic solution must be found for Ukraine, says Rubens Barbosa

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The former ambassador of Brazil to the United States Rubens Barbosa commented, this Wednesday (19), in the new CNN experts, on the tension between Russia and Ukraine and the statements made by the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Biden predicted on Wednesday that Russia “will attack” Ukraine, citing the country’s President Vladimir Putin’s concerns, even as he warned of significant economic consequences should that occur.

For Barbosa, “it is a surprise that the President of the United States admits that the country can invade or incur in with another country”.

“Even with the correction that was later made by the White House, the statement left a very big question mark in the air,” he said.

However, the CNN expert does not see the occupation being carried out. “The extensive occupation of Ukraine’s territory will be very difficult. The reaction of Europe and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) should be very strong”, he said.

Finally, Barbosa assessed that a diplomatic solution must be found. “I believe that a diplomatic solution will be found to resolve the impasse.”

See more in the video above.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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