Dirceu defends Russia in the conflict with Ukraine: “war has become imperative”

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Former Minister of the Civil House José Dirceu (PT) defended this Friday (18) Russia’s position in the invasion of Ukraine, which has lasted more than 20 days.

“War became imperative for Russia because it was surrounded by NATO. [Organização do Tratado do Atlântico Norte] and by the United States. This conflict dates back to 2008, when the US, at the hands of Georgia, began to intervene in the affairs of the Russian Federation, which led Putin to invade Georgia. Now this misguided policy of making a Ukraine neutral, demilitarized, with good relations with Russia, a militarized Ukraine, NATO, with weapons and missiles, which for Russia means a declaration of war,” he declared.

According to the former minister, the United States “has also started an escalation against China, since the beginning of the Trump administration, that is, the United States does not admit a redesign of the world. The world today is multipolar, you cannot ignore the countries, they are countries that have to have a voice in solving world problems.”

The statement was given during the celebration of 76 years in a restaurant in Brasília.

According to PT, Brazil’s position in the conflict should follow non-intervention and in “search to resolve the conflict by peaceful means, this is our position”.

At the event, Dirceu also spoke about the possible alliance between Geraldo Alckmin, who joined the PSB, and former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), and also said that he will not participate in any PT government.

Source: CNN Brasil

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