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Discussion about reform cannot be electoral, says Temer

Discussion about reform cannot be electoral, says Temer

Former president Michel Temer (MDB), said in an interview with CNN this Thursday (13), that the discussion on the labor reform, approved during his term in office, in 2017, cannot be used in an “electoral way”.

According to Temer, the productive dialogue can be directed to improvements and some changes, as new labor dynamics emerge over time, such as the issue of application delivery.

Temer warned, however, that the debate cannot be carried out solely with a view to “revoking” the measure or, in an “electoral manner”, claiming that it took away workers’ rights and jobs.

At the beginning of last week, leaders of the Workers’ Party (PT) said they were in favor of repealing the labor reform, and that the reform of the Spanish government should be “watched carefully”.

Temer criticized PT’s stance and said that shortly after the case, former president Lula only mentioned improvements. “I think they soon detected that it wouldn’t be something useful for the Brazilian system,” said Temer.

He also stated that the recently revoked Spanish reform did not guarantee the right to temporary workers and was introduced by decree, which did not happen in the Brazilian case.

The former president stated that workers’ rights were maintained, as they “are in the Federal Constitution”. Thus, according to Temer, the reform could not, and did not, take away any rights.

“[Com a Constituição] we elevate the rights of workers, we don’t leave it in ordinary law”, he said.

During the interview, Michel Temer pointed out that “it is not the law that creates jobs, it establishes social adjustment for the development of the country”. Thus, the labor reform came to “harmonize the relationship between employer and employee”.

He also stated that the reform provided the creation of jobs, saying that 529,000 registered workers were registered in the last year of his government, in 2018 – that is, after the measure was approved.

Bolsonaro and STF

In September last year, Temer helped the government to appease the relationship between President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

In a letter sent by Bolsonaro to the STF, which was written by Temer, the president denied any intention to attack the powers that be.

During this Thursday’s interview, Michel Temer stated that he only collaborated with the fulfillment of the Constitution.

“What has revealed, at the moment, to me, is that the people are tired of very violent discussions. Not only verbal aggression, but also physical in nature. The gesture was only relevant because of the people’s desire”, said the former president.

He analyzed the recent attacks made by Bolsonaro on members of the STF.

The former president hopes that Bolsonaro can return to the period of harmony, which only emerges with dialogue between the powers.

“I think it’s reasonable that criticism can be made, but mentioning names doesn’t seem to be something that is useful. It does not contribute to the harmony of powers”, he pointed out.

Elections 2022

Michel Temer also said in the interview that it is important that candidates for the presidency in 2022 bring detailed agendas, so that the vote is “anchored in proposals”. Only in this way would political polarization be overcome.

According to the former president, many Brazilians have made a “vote against”, that is, they vote for a candidate so that the other is not elected, and not because they believe they are the most capable or with the best proposals.

Thus, he analyzed that the labor reform also raises “the quality of pre-candidates”, as it is an agenda under discussion.

“I think it’s important that the electorate vote in favor, convinced that he is the best, and not against A or B”, he said.

The influence of political polarization on the elections, analyzes Temer, means that, most likely, there will be no results in the first round. In addition, it makes predictions difficult.

“It’s still too early [para previsões]. We have nine months, a lot will still happen. The search [eleitoral] of today does not portray tomorrow. Future research may portray another reality,” he said.

Regarding Simone Tebet, the MDB candidate for the presidency, Temer stated that she has “all the conditions to preside over the Republic”.

Even so, he affirmed that he is not closed to dialogue with former president Lula, leader in the polls, because “the conversation typifies democracy”.

Finally, he analyzed that Bolsonaro’s “fight against the vaccine” is a mistake both in the field of health and in the elections.

After emphasizing the effectiveness of vaccines, Temer said that the president also ends up alienating the voting public that is in favor of immunization.

Reference: CNN Brasil