Dishes like works of art: the 10 most amazing

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“Cooking is science in itself, it’s up to the cook to turn it into art”: the sentence is of Gualtiero Marchesi, the chef of the chefs of the new Renaissance of Italian cuisine, the one who elevated our passion for food into something superior, appreciable all over the world, noteworthy for the great international guides.

He, before and more than anyone else in Italy, has left iconic dishes in the history of national gastronomy, beautiful even before they are good. One above all, the Rice, gold and saffron, flat whose establishment perfect and geometrically and chromatically harmonious transformed for the first time an Italian chef’s recipe into acontemporary artwork.

It is not an exaggeration: that by now the very high cuisine has its own artistic dignity is taken for granted, as confirmed by the interest that the world of criticism and the institutions that are dedicated to art have for the creations of fine chefs dining. Starred restaurants that multiply in museums around the world and collaborations between chefs and artists, which inspire each other.

The examples are countless, starting, just to name one, from MOMA in San Francisco, who wanted to build a kind of permanent exhibition of the most significant dishes of the highest international gastronomy, collecting and re-proposing them thanks to the work of chef Corey Lee, who has selected, studied and re-proposed them in a curious pop-up artistic project dedicated to signature cuisine. Over one hundred dishes, created by the most innovative, talented and influential chefs in the world, were offered in In Situ, the restaurant of the famous American contemporary art museum.

Projects that recognize the link between art and food are multiplying all over the world, as well as chefs who let themselves be inspired by the great artists of the past or of the contemporary to create even more beautiful and spectacular dishes. From the artistic menu of Daniel Canzian (which, precisely, is called MOMA, Menu Opere Movimenti Artistici), to that of Paolo Griffa, beautiful and scenographic, presented for summer 2021.

If you want to taste something artistic, browse our gallery: many of the dishes that are best inspired by international works of art can still be found on the menus of the restaurants in this gastronomic season.

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