DJ accident on stage – Video of her being injured by a confetti ‘gun’

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DJ at Brazil had an accident on stage when the confetti gun she was holding injured her face. Flavia Ribeiro, known as DJ Flavinha, suffered first degree burns and facial injuries at a show in Santa Catarina last Saturday.

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Despite the pain, he managed to return to the stage and continued the show, but eventually had to visit the hospital. “I couldn’t take any more pain,” she said.

More than 10 million people have seen the video released online.

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After the episode, she posted a video on Instagram with bandages on her neck and wounds on her face. “Despite the pain and a lot of blood, I continued. My partners wanted me to retire but I didn’t want to leave” about her decision to stay on stage for another 20 minutes before she was finally ‘bent’ by the pain.

“Now I’m recovering and everything is fine. I am posting this video so you can see what happened to me. Thank you for your interest,” says DJ.

Source: News Beast

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