DJ Alok is accused of not crediting or paying producers for his hits; he denies

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The DJ and producer Alok is being accused of not being responsible for some of his hits, such as “Fuego” and “Favela”. American magazine report Billboard published this Friday (21) brings the complaint of the producer duo Sevenn, composed by the American brothers Sean and Kevin Brauer, who claim to be responsible for 14 songs by the Brazilian. For their work, they would have received neither credit nor payments.

The brothers, raised in a religious community in Rio de Janeiro, would have met Alok at a festival in 2015. On the rise, the DJ collaborated with the producers on the song “BYOB”, officially released under the name of the producers. From then on, however, according to the Brauer brothers, a collaborative relationship began that did not always reciprocate their work.

“Alok helped us at first, and we were happy to return the favor until we realized he was profiting a lot from our work, without offering anything relevant in return,” the brothers said.

As “ghost producers,” Sevenn claim ownership for writing and producing 14 Alok songs, including some of his biggest hits. According to the investigation by “Billboard”, the set of songs accounts for about 1 billion of Alok’s auditions on the streaming platform Spotify, generating about R$ 21 million in royalties. In addition, the magazine had access to a series of exchanges of messages and emails between the musicians, which would attest to the work of the duo.

In the opinion of the Brauers, they would be responsible for the creation of the Brazilian Bass genre, for which the DJ became known worldwide.

To Billboard, Alok denied the allegations. According to a letter from their lawyers, “Kevin and Sean are trying to paint themselves as victims, trying to settle their scores with Alok in the press and in the court of public opinion. Alok will not fall for that.”

The statement also states that the Brazilian DJ has an open lawsuit against the American producers, and also accuses the duo of not crediting their participation in releases.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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