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Djidja Cardoso case: how the investigation is going and who are those involved

Almost two weeks after the death of Djidja Cardoso the Civil Police of Amazonas continues to investigate the role of her family and employees in the crimes that led to the death of the former little lady of the Guaranteed Boi . Witnesses continue to be interviewed by the police to try to clarify the entire situation involving the businesswoman’s family.

Who are those involved

  • Ademar Cardoso — Djidja’s brother
  • Cleusimar Cardoso — Djidja’s mother
  • Claudiele Santos — salon makeup artist
  • Verônica da Costa — salon manager
  • Marlisson Vasconcelos — salon makeup artist

How is the investigation going?

Police investigation began about 40 days ago . At the time, Djidja was among those investigated for the formation of a sect — “Father, Mother, Life ”. With her death, the ex-little lady’s mother and brother are the main ones being investigated for purchasing veterinary medicines for use in the family and also passing them on to employees of the “Belle Femme” salon, owned by Djidja’s family.

An ex and Ademar’s current girlfriend reported to the police that the use of ketamine it was “obligatory” for family members. In one of the cases, the ex-girlfriend said that she was raped by Ademar while she was under the influence of the drug.

The IML report, which must clearly indicate the reasons that led Djidja to death, must be released within 30 days. When her body was admitted to the IML in Manaus, the initial finding was that she had cerebral edema, caused by a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Veterinary activities in salon

Djidja Cardoso’s family company has, as one of its secondary economic activities, “veterinary activities” and “animal trade”. The information is included in the national register of legal entities of Belle Femme Salão de Beleza Unissex.

It was in this place where three family employees worked, arrested for involvement in the purchase of veterinary medicines, in addition to being investigated for the death of the former Boi Garantido little lady. The salon is registered in the name of Cleusimar Cardoso, Djidja’s mother.

Source: CNN Brasil

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