Do you remember when we were pro-vax?

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This article is published in issue 43 of Vanity Fair on newsstands until October 26, 2021

But do you remember when getting vaccinated was a privilege for a few? A century, a millennium, a geological era seems to have passed (but it was only a few months ago). We all had a friend who suddenly announced to us that he was a teacher (only teachers were vaccinated with AstraZeneca, even if they were very ill). The richest went to Dubai, others to Belgrade or Russia. Travel agencies organized specific stays with exotic vaccinations. Other than no-vax, the country was hopelessly, convinced, pro-vax, and was (literally) making false papers to get a dose. In Milan there was an urban legend that Councilor Moratti vaccinated her wealthy friends. In Portofino the Countess Camerana was tried because she was vaccinated but not yet in her eighties (it was the time when only 80 years old could be vaccinated).

On TV there was the semi-famous polemic who had vaccinated himself because he was the “caregiver” of his parents, then it was not clear whether it was true or not. It was all about checking each other out, calculating ages, spying on documents to see if you really were entitled to that vaccine. In short, everything was going well. Then you don’t know how everything got wrong. We still have time, however: let’s ban these vaccines immediately, make them very expensive, exclusive, reserved for the few. The third dose will have to be as expensive as one Kelly by Hermès, obtainable only with “knowledge”, available only with bribes (in short, this Draghi may well be good, but it is clear that he has not understood anything about Italian psychology, it is evident that he has been missing for too long).

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