Doctor ended up with concussion and broken nose because he told his patient that “her skin is beautiful”

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A doctor found him in trouble when, after examining a woman, the slingshot he gave her cost him a severe blow to the head. THE dermatologist received one in his office Muslim female patient. After examining her in parts of her body, she found that there was no reason for concern. According to his testimonies broadcast by RT, as soon as the examination was over, he said: “There is no reason to worry, your skin is beautiful».

The woman did not take the doctor’s comment at all well and asked him “not to make any slips of her own». The incident happened on September 21 in Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia.

According to the doctor, Vladimir Zirnoklev, he simply asked the woman to show her elbows, stomach and back and did not ask her to undress. As soon as the test was completed, he found no cause for concern and told her, “Your skin is beautiful.”

After leaving the doctor’s office, the woman complained to her husband that the medical examination was not in accordance with “Muslim law”. Τwhen he returned to the doctor’s office like a bull in a glass shop and started beating the doctor brutally. Result; A broken nose and concussion.

“I am sure the doctor made a slip in my wife during the examination, which is not in line with my principles,” said Bahridin Azimov, the patient’s 29-year-old wife. “If you are a doctor, do your job. “Excessive compliments and questions are not appropriate for a doctor.”

“Invading it in a doctor’s office and breaking someone’s nose is immoral”

The doctor claims that he did not make a mistake and that he just made a positive comment as soon as he finished the examination.

“Muslims must resolve all issues immediately with the administration – calmly and constructively,” Zirnoklev said, according to the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. “Running to a doctor’s office and breaking someone’s nose is immoral. I am an adult, I have a lot of studies, a lot of experience and we still live in a state governed by the rule of law. “People have to obey the law and follow the rules,” he said.

The dermatologist also noted that those who doubt his ability should see another doctor, where they will find that all skin tests are performed in the same way.

“I told her ‘you are fine, your skin is beautiful,'” the doctor said. He interrupted me: “Do not compliment me”, he added.

After the attack, Zirnokleev was diagnosed with a head injury, concussion and multiple bruises. Bahridin, in turn, was accused of “hooliganism” and is now under house arrest.


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