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Doctors warn young users of e-cigarette damage to lungs

The consumption of electronic cigarettes, especially among younger users, has aroused concerns and alerts in the medical community in Brazil. A recent study by the Federal University of Pelotas found that one in five people in the country aged between 18 and 24 have used these devices at least once in their lifetime.

E-cigarettes do not smell of nicotine and are consumed with different flavor essences. Smoking devices have been banned in Brazil since 2009, and Anvisa maintained the ban on the sale of these products at a meeting held in early July.

In 2019, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified lung injuries associated with the use of these devices and, in just one year, recorded more than 60 deaths caused by such conditions.

In this episode of E Tem Mais, Carol Nogueira presents an overview of the health risks of electronic cigarettes. To describe what is already known about the damage caused by these devices, cardiologist Jaqueline Scholz, professor at the USP School of Medicine, and pulmonologist Paulo Corrêa, from the Brazilian Society of Pulmonology and Tisiology (SBPT) participate in this episode.

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Podcast E Tem Mais, with a presentation by Carol Nogueira

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Source: CNN Brasil

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