Doctors Without Borders and Magnum: 50 years in photos “to look beyond”

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Being in the world to witness what is happening. To denounce and first of all offer help. With this mission 50 years ago, in 1971, it was born Doctors Without Borders, today one of the most important international non-governmental organizations. The foundations were laid by two journalists from the medical journal Tonus, Raymond Borel and Philippe Bernier who decided to launch an appeal to create a team of doctors ready to help the most vulnerable populations in the world

Since that time the flags of Doctors Without Borders they began to wave in the midst of wars, persecutions, very serious humanitarian crises. And they never stopped doing it. To tell the commitment made with the history of the world are today 73 shots made by the photographers of the most prestigious agency in the world, Magnum. To celebrate the 50 years of humanity brought into the world by MSF, from 6 to 14 November the MAXXI in Rome will host the photographic exhibition of Doctors Without Borders and Magnum: 50 years in the field, between action and testimony. Per “look over”.

There are the humanitarian crises that have struck the world from 1971 to today and are returning, as in a spiral that we do not seem to know how to unblock. There are Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Rwanda genocide, the Srebrenica massacre, the Haiti earthquake, the drama of fleeing migrants, the deaths in the Mediterranean. There are the eyes of children, mothers, fathers, human beings of all ages and backgrounds.

“We were born from a group of doctors and journalists and for this reason the 65 thousand humanitarian workers of MSF not only offer medical care, but are also witnesses to the suffering of populations who live in silence and indifference”, he says. Claudia Lodesani, infectious disease specialist and MSF president. «Over the past 50 years, Magnum photographers have talked about the difficult contexts in which we operate, witnessing the strength and resilience of people, then bringing them back to the international public. This exhibition tells of this commitment that has always united us: to give a voice to those who have none».

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