Dom and Bruno: There are contradictions in the testimonies and the hypothesis of the mastermind, says PF

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During the hearing of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies committees that follow the investigation of the deaths of indigenist Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Philips, in Amazonas, delegate Domingos Sávio Pinzon said that the PF does not rule out “the possibility of a mastermind” .

One of those responsible for the investigation, Pinzon reported that there are contradictions in the testimonies of the three arrested suspects. The congressmen went to Vale do Javari this Thursday (30th) to meet with indigenous leaders.

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“We do not rule out the possibility that there is a principal. It is something that is talked about in the region. Now is the time to investigate the evidence of contradictions between the testimonies of the suspects”, said Pinzon during a meeting led by Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-Ap) and Federal Deputy José Ricardo (PT-AM).

The existence of a mastermind did not emerge from the conduct of the agents’ investigation. The PF attributes to “bad writing”, the idea disseminated, after the bodies of Dom and Bruno were found, that the case had been closed.

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A source involved in the investigation told the CNN that a possible investigated principal fled the region, after the information was leaked. The investigation of the deaths takes place jointly with the PF, the Civil Police and the State and Federal public ministries.

Among the evidence analyzed by the investigators, one is the relationship between illegal fishermen from Tracajá and Tambaqui. They work heavily in the area where Bruno and Dom died and the hypothesis, according to the PF, is that they are working together with drug traffickers present in the triple border region between Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

Source: CNN Brasil

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