Donald Trump against Meghan Markle: “He used Harry and disrespected the queen”

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What between Meghan Markle e Donald Trump do not run bad blood, it is known to all. She defined it “misogynist» e «divisive», Siding openly on the side of Joe Biden during the last presidential elections. The tycoon americano, for its part, has never missed an opportunity to respond in kind to the Duchess, and so he did also in the last interview with his friend and colleague Nigel Farage per GB News.

“I’m not never been a fan of his», The former US president begins, pointing his sights at Meghan. “I think he used the principe Harry in a manner horrible, ruining his relationship with the family. I believe he will one day will repent of all this ”, is the prediction of Trump, who then also pulls the Queen Elizabeth. “I believe he has suffered a lot for the removal of the grandson “.

“With yours behavior, the Duchess disrespect to the royal family and to His Majesty, who is a person extraordinary“. From Florida, the Republican entrepreneur then focuses on one of the main allegations that are moved against Meghan, that is to say of “manipulate” the husband. Not only that: Trump also enters the controversy about it countryside of the former actress in favor of paid parental leave.

In fact, in recent weeks, she has been accused of “political interferenceFor calling two senators on their private numbers for urge them to vote in a certain direction, moreover presenting herself not as an American citizen but with the British royal title. “Very inappropriate actionsIs the label of the former president, who confirms that he wants to reapply if Meghan really took the field.

«I hope it happensTrump had already said last March, speaking with FoxNews. “Because, if it were to happen, I would an even stronger motivation to try again ». It is the dawn of a challenge for the White House?


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