Donald Trump: He was shredding documents and throwing them in toilets – See photos

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THE Donald Trump It looks like threw documents he had previously shredded into toilet bowls, according to photographic material that saw the light of day yesterday, Monday.

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Maggie Haberman, the paper’s political editor New York Times, secured them photosto be included in ‘Confidence Man’, the her book is under publication for White House during the Trump days.

Despite the tycoon’s repeated denials, the photos show scraps of documents inside two toilet bowls, with notes that have its characteristic graphic character.

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“Some of (Trump’s) associates were aware of his habit,” Haberman told news website Axios, which republished the footage.

It was a continuation of Trump’s “long habit of shredding documents that should have been kept and filed,” the NYT reporter added.

According to the Axios report, one photo was taken in a restroom at the White House and the second in a foreign country where the former president had traveled.

Is impossible to say what was the subject of the destroyed documents. However, the last name “Stefanik” — probably referring to Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik — can be seen on one of the torn papers.

Trump responded ironically to the report and the book under publication. “You must be absolutely desperate if your plan to promote the sale of a book is to publish pictures of toilet bowls,” his spokesman commented.

The tempestuous tycoon, who was twice impeached by the House of Representatives for trial in the Senate, he was known for years to shred documents in his frequent outbursts of rageforcing his associates to pick up the pieces and assemble them for entry into the national archives.

Trump took with him to Florida, when he left the White House on January 20, 2021, several boxes of documents, among them some classified as “secret”.

This, as reported by APE-MPE, is something illegal as it goes against the legislation on presidential archives in the USA, which expressly states that all documents of the current head of state are public property and must be archived and kept.

Source: News Beast

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