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Don’t take me seriously: Rita Lee distilled acid humor and marked Twitter with iconic posts

Farewell to singer Rita Lee, who died this Tuesday (9), makes the public remember the various facets of the artist and one of them in particular: the acid humor.

One of the “places” where Rita Lee had a remarkable passage was Twitter, where she started making her comments in 2010. Famous for her sharp language, the rocker conquered the public even more with her ironic, outspoken and sincere posts.

Remember some tweets:

s in filter

Rita Lee always made it clear that all posts were just words that came to her mind. In her biography, the singer admitted that many of the tragedies she claims to have experienced were just the fruit of her imagination.


She assumed to hate everyone equally.

Crazy no!

The rocker also did not care about the criticism and always had fun responses.

The impact of the best tweets

On social networks, followers and admirers of the singer made a thread this Tuesday with the best and most iconic tweets to pay a final tribute to the rocker.

The singer died at the age of 75, in São Paulo, on the night of this Monday (8). The news was confirmed, this Tuesday morning (9), in a publication on the official social networks of the singer and her husband, Roberto de Carvalho.

The wake will take place in a ceremony open to the public, at the Planetarium in Ibirapuera Park, this Wednesday (10), from 10am to 5pm.

“According to Rita’s wishes, her body will be cremated. The ceremony will be private. In this moment of deep sadness, the family appreciates everyone’s affection and love “, concluded the statement.

In 2021, Rita was diagnosed with lung cancer. After treatment, she was cured of the disease but was on the mend.

Children mourn death

After the death, Rita’s children took to social media to mourn their mother’s death.

“Love you forever. A big part of me died today”, wrote Beto Lee, on Instagram.

His youngest, Antônio Lee wrote: “Oh Mamassita… I love you so. Waiting for you to visit me in my dreams to continue our long conversations about the universe. My mom, thank you.”

João Lee published a video of when he was a child, with Rita carrying him on her lap, along with an emotional text.

“My mother, who I love more than anything in this life, became a star in the sky. What an intense and spectacular life you had. Admired and loved by so many people. So ahead of its time,” she wrote.

He recalled conversations he had with his mother about choosing personal heroes and how she was his hero: “You are my hero for the way you behave, day after day, month after month, year after year, with such dignity and honesty. . The admiration I have for you is infinite. Was always. What an honor and privilege to be your son.”

“I can’t write more than that at the moment. I’m groundless, devastated, devastated. But, I still have a lot to tell. Many stories, many videos and many photos. I’m putting it in little by little”, concluded João’s statement.

Source: CNN Brasil

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