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Doses saved. In the United States, in the middle of the night, an urgent vaccination was carried out – photo

Doses Saved. In The United States, In The Middle Of

Due to the breakdown of the freezer in the American city of Seattle, an urgent vaccination against coronavirus was carried out in the middle of the night to save perishable vaccinations from Moderna. Reported by The Seattle Times.


As noted, on the evening of January 28, the freezer in the Kaiser Permanente center went out of order – 1,600 doses of Moderna vaccine could go bad until morning.

“I got a call at 9:00 pm and asked if we could help vaccinate people before the 5:30 am dose expires,” said Jenny Brackett, assistant administrator at UW Medicine Northwest.

Together with UW Medicine, Northwest saved vaccines and the Swedish Medical Center. Both centers wrote on social media announcements that they could urgently introduce vaccinations, and also asked for help from volunteers. The Swedish Medical Center has also asked local TV channels to include the announcement on its 23:00 news bulletins.

Rumors spread like wildfire on social media, writes The Seattle Times. For example, at 10:59 p.m. the Swedish MC tweeted that 588 doses were to be dispensed, and by 00:30 the whole time was busy. Crowds have gathered outside UW Medicine Northwest. Most of them were not from risk groups and are not currently subject to vaccination.

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Brackett said that doctors did their best to vaccinate those who are now eligible, but the main goal was to use the vaccine and avoid losses.

The Washington Post reported that the last vaccinations were given at 03:45 in the street. As a result, not a single vaccine went missing and all 1,600 doses were administered, said Cassie Sauer, president of the Washington State Hospital Association. What caused the breakdown of the freezer, Kaiser Permanente has not yet reported.



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