Drag queen “shoves” them on mothers who take their children to drag queens

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Kitty Demur, an American, wanted to send a message to heterosexual mothers drag queen and chose to do so through her personal YouTube account. Kitty Demour has openly expressed her opposition to mothers taking their children to days of reading fairy tales by drag gueens.

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And maybe in Greece, the debate on the matter only opened last weekin other Western countries, however, it has been done in recent years with the main question, to those who are opposed to this act, how and what the specific action helps a preschool child.

I have no idea why you take your kids to read stories about drag queens. I have no idea! What the hell does a drag queen do besides paint and jump around on the dance floor doing sex tricks, so that you hold her in such high esteem and hold her up as a role model to your children?’ asked Kitty Demure in her YouTube video that she posted about two years ago.

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The drag queen asked the mothers directly if they would like their children to have a stripper or a porn star as their role model. “A drag acts in an adult club. Behind the scenes there is nudity, drugs and dirt. I honestly wonder what you are trying to achieve” she said in her video and emphasized that it is terribly irresponsible of them to take their children to such events.

Don’t think you’re doing us a favor. You are just creating additional problems for us. We had the reputation, which is not true, of being pedophiles, abnormal. We do not need you to bring your children to us. Keep them at home or take them to Disneyland or if you want them to see painted people, take them to the circus. So don’t destroy your children and don’t destroy us too” Kitty Demure concluded.

Source: News Beast

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