Draghi Government: the rules of the decree in force since 6 March

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The Dpcm in force expires on 5 March. The next one is ready and will be in effect for a month, from 6 March to 6 April, then until after Easter which falls on Sunday 4 April. In the coming days the signature of the Prime Minister Mario Draghi on the new decree. It is not a decree that points to openings, the rigor line still prevails since the epidemiological curve does not go down also due to the variants of the virus.

The division into bands remains: white, yellow, orange and red.

There is also a dark orange local band, already active in the province of Bologna and in other areas, where schools are closed starting from elementary school and it is not possible to go to second homes. The regions where for three weeks the incidence of new infected is less than 50 people per 100 thousand inhabitants go into the white band. For now there is only Sardinia. Here they can reopen all activities, but you must continue to hold the mask and observe the spacing.

Prohibition to move
The borders between the regions, including the yellow ones, remain closed. You can only move for work, health and urgency reasons. Self-certification is always required.

Second box
The rule of second homes is reduced. You can only go there if they are in the white, yellow and orange band. On the other hand, it is forbidden if the second homes are in the dark orange zone and in the red zone and those who live in areas with these colors cannot reach the houses in the white, yellow or orange zone. It is always and only a family unit that can go to second homes that must be owned or rented before January 14, 2021.

The rule of daily visits to the home of friends or relatives remains (), not for the red band. It is always allowed to travel to see the children in cases of separated couples. For those who live in the orange zone, the exemption of small municipalities remains: residents can leave the municipality, for a distance of no more than thirty kilometers and without going to the provincial capitals. Two people plus children under 14 can travel.

You can move from 5 to 22, not at night, in the municipality in the orange band, in the region in the white and yellow band. The return to one’s residence, domicile or home is always permitted.

Restaurants and bars
They are open until 18 in the yellow band, in the orange, dark orange and red bands, take-away is allowed: from bars until 18, from restaurants until 22. Home delivery is always allowed.

The shops are closed only in the red zone where only the commercial establishments of essential products are guaranteed: pharmacies, food, hardware. In the yellow and orange area all the shops are open. Personal services such as barbers and hairdressers are closed in the red zone. Shopping centers are closed on weekends.

Cinemas and theaters, museums and exhibitions
From March 27th they will be able to start again in the yellow zone. The seats will be pre-assigned and spaced. Always in the same period and always in the yellow zone, the museums could reopen even at the weekend by reservation.

Swimming pools and gyms remain closed. Contact and team sports cannot be played. Individual physical activity outdoors such as walking, cycling and running is permitted. Individual lessons or by reservation could be allowed if the situation of infections were to improve.

Do you travel
Those returning from abroad must have an antigenic or molecular swab in the 48 hours preceding their entry into Italy. He must stay in fiduciary solitary confinement for fourteen days for those returning from the United States, Austria, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. You cannot travel for tourism.

The current rules remain (in attendance for childhood, elementary and middle school students, for high school students the teaching is in attendance at least 50% and up to a maximum of 75%), but in the red zone the schools could be closed in the red zone according to the indications of the CTS. There could be Dad if the incidence exceeds 250 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. However, it is the regions that decide the school calendar and many have already opted for distance learning which is in the dark orange area from the first grade.

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