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“Drug delivery” is dismantled by police in Rio Grande do Sul

The Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul launched an operation this Friday (22) against a criminal group that carried out “drug tele-delivery” and sold firearms.

According to delegate Guilherme Dill, the organization generated around R$100,000 per month with the scheme.

The police action took place in neighborhoods in the extreme south of Porto Alegre. Until the last update of this article, four people were arrested. Drugs and cell phones were also seized.

According to the Civil Police, four temporary arrest orders, 11 home search and seizure warrants and three bank account blocking were served.

They also served a “search and seizure and arrest warrant for a prisoner held at the Charqueadas State Modulated Penitentiary”.

The delegate explained that the investigation into the case began in October 2022, when two men were arrested for drug trafficking in a neighborhood of Porto Alegre.

From this, and with collected materials, they verified that the “drug tele-delivery” scheme used a bar as a starting point, in addition to other street shops in neighborhoods in the extreme south of the city.

The authorities also found the participation of other people — some of them arrested — who sold weapons and ammunition to strengthen the criminal association.

The group’s leadership was also in prison, according to the police, and it was in prison where he negotiated the delivery of drugs and coordinated the amounts owed and received.

This Friday’s operation took place by the 1st Drug Trafficking Investigations Department of the State Department of Drug Trafficking Investigations and was supported by the Air Operations Division of the Special Resources Coordination. A Civil Police helicopter was used.

*published by Tiago Tortella, from CNN

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Source: CNN Brasil

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