Drunk driving and driving without a license: traffic police shared statistics on car sharing

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Employees of the Moscow traffic police published on their Telegram channel official statistics on accidents that occurred with the participation of cars of car-sharing services for three quarters of this year. On the territory of Moscow alone, representatives of the State Traffic Inspectorate registered 309 road accidents, in which 17 people died, and another 378 received various injuries, up to severe ones. At the same time, the statistics on issued fines is even more depressing – in just nine months in the capital, more than 58 thousand fines and orders were issued, that is, almost 6500 protocols per month. At the same time, the pattern of violations is quite standard.

For example, most often, drivers of carsharing cars are punished for administrative offenses for drunk driving, driving without a driver’s license and driving a car using false registration data. The traffic police said that the raids, during which the drivers of carsharing cars are checked, are carried out on a regular basis – this is the so-called preventive work, which the department promised to carry out in the future. In addition, the government department recalled that it is very important to buckle up and not be distracted by a smartphone while driving – this significantly reduces the risk of an accident.

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