Dua Lipa is sued for sharing photos of a paparazzi on her networks

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The life of celebrities tends to be complicated by not maintaining the privacy that they would like. Most of the time they are watched and even harassed not only because of their fans or the press, but also by the paparazzi, who are not satisfied with interviews like the media, but even follow and photograph them doing what any human being does on a daily basis.

But what happens if the famous likes one of those images and decides to upload them to their social networks? Would there be a problem if they are the ones that appear in the photos? Unfortunately, yes, since by sharing them without the necessary authorization, they are infringing copyright. A few days ago, the singer Dua Lipa was in trouble for this situation.

Dua Lipa

According to different media, the New York photographer Robert Barbera alleges that the singer committed an infraction by posting on her account Instagramwithout his permission, several of the photographs he took of her in July 2018.

The photographer assures that since the artist uses this social network to promote her music and her interests, she benefited financially by publishing them and damaged their potential market. Barbera mentioned that after seeing the images on the artist’s account in 2019, she tried to resolve the issue out of court, but communication stopped after she received a draft of the lawsuit.

Dua Lipa singing

It is worth mentioning that at that time, Lipa deleted the photographs. However, now the photographer requests compensation for damages, the return of all the profits he received with the photos and an order that prohibits the singer from using any of her other works, as well as to cover the costs of the lawsuit. .

It is not the first time that Lipa has been involved in this type of problem, since earlier this year, the Integral Images company sued her for the same reason and emerged victorious. She, too, is not the only star who has had to face Barbera, since Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have already had this experience with him. Although both cases were settled out of court, it remains to be seen how the English singer’s case ends.

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