DYPA: Until 31/8 applications for participation in the first phase of the new training program in digital and green skills

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Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 31, 2022, at 23:59, the application process for participation in the first phase of the new action of the Public Employment Service (PYPA) to upgrade skills in digital and green skills ends tomorrow.

As stated in a DYPA announcement, almost 70,000 applications have already been submitted for a total of 80,000 offered positions.

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The “new generation” program, with a total budget of 100 million euros, aims at the vocational training of 80,000 unemployed people and is implemented within the framework of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “Greece 2.0” with funding from the European Union NextGenerationEU.

The aim is to qualitatively upgrade the knowledge and skills of the unemployed, through continuing professional training programs that respond to the needs of the economy, in order to strengthen their employability and achieve their work reintegration more quickly.

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Those who meet at least the following conditions have the right to submit an application for registration in the register of unemployed beneficiaries – Phase A:

– are registered in the unemployment register of DYPA,

– is over 18 years old,

– are graduates of at least compulsory secondary education.

Specifically, each interested party is invited to proceed with the following steps:

– Completes and submits the “participation application” electronically, through the Unified Digital Portal of the Public Administration, entering with TAXISnet codes, at https://www.gov.gr/ipiresies/ekpaideuse/katartise-kai-ekpaideutiko-periekhomeno/eggraphe -sto-metroo-opheloumenon-katartises-meso-ton-ke-di-bi-m-ton-ei-kai-ton-adeiodotemenon-kdbm.

– Attaches: 1) a copy of a valid identity card-passport (identification), 2) a copy of a high school diploma, at least compulsory education or a higher degree and 3) a responsible declaration, via gov.gr, in which he will state that he does not attend and/or does not has attended another training program financed by the Recovery & Resilience Fund, under action 16913 “SUB 2: Horizontal upskilling programs for targeted population groups” and has not attended a training program in the same subject, in the last two years before publication of this invitation.

– Attaches a certificate of knowledge of the English language, if he possesses it.

– He keeps the proof of submission of his application, which states the “Participation Application Submission Code” (KAVAS), as well as the exact date and time of its submission. The KAVAS code is strictly personal and unique for each participation application, it is the proof of its submission and is used instead of the applicant’s name in all documents.

Beneficiaries will be able to choose the training program they wish to follow from the list of offered training programs, which is displayed to the beneficiary, according to the educational level (compulsory education graduate, secondary, tertiary, etc.), as well as the other academic qualifications which he himself has declared. This list will be constantly updated.

The selection of the unemployed and their registration in the register of beneficiaries will be done in order of priority of submission of the application, as long as the individual conditions for participation in the training program they choose are met (such as unemployment, educational level, knowledge of a foreign language, where required, etc.) and until exhaustion of the offered seats.

Each trainee will attend a theoretical training program concerning the development of digital and green knowledge and skills, with a total duration of up to 200 hours, which must be completed within three months at the latest. The implementation will be carried out with live training at a rate of at least 35% and with the method of distance training (e-learning), which will include at least 35% synchronous and up to 30% asynchronous distance training.

Beneficiaries who will complete the training are required to participate in the certification exams. Each beneficiary who completes the vocational training program and obtains the certification of knowledge and skills is entitled to receive an educational allowance amounting to 5 euros/hour of training, so for a 200-hour program it reaches 1,000 euros.

For more information, interested parties can visit the following addresses:

DYPA website

Training Voucher website-voucher.gov

Source: Capital

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