USA: A camera captured the moment a man tries to kidnap a 6-year-old girl – How she was saved

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The attempt had a happy ending kidnapping of a six-year-old girl in Hamilton, Ohio, on USA. The front doorbell camera recorded the movements of the perpetrator of the heinous act, which was avoided thanks to the immediate reaction of the girl.

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The video that ABC publishedshows the little girl standing next to a garbage can, as the 33-year-old Derrick McPherson approach it child and tried to grab it by the shoulders. The little girl’s reaction was immediate. He yelled, reacted and started running in the opposite direction. “He left me because I shouted” said the little Ken’Adi Nash, who showed bravery and reacted as they had her her parents found out.

THE mother of 6-year-old Maddy Miller, told the media that her daughter had just taken out the trash in the street when the attacker appeared. The mother of the little girl, hearing her daughter’s voices, went outflowing from the house to see the would-be kidnapper make it up and the girl describe the attack to her mother, saying that the man she did not know “touch her private parts.”

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Her mobilization police Hamilton’s was immediate and the would-be kidnapper was arrested. Although the perpetrator did not complete his sick plan the mental trauma he caused to the child and her family is enormous.

The little girl’s reaction became the subject of major news networks in the United States showing videos of how children should react when they find themselves in a similar situation, urging them to shout and they kick the aspirants kidnappers their.

Source: News Beast

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