E. Ahtsioglou: From class arrogance to social anesthesia, Mr. Mitsotakis

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“With his statements yesterday, Mr. Mitsotakis proved that class arrogance is far from social anesthesia. The ‘holistic life’ in which ‘money is not everything’ exists only in his privileged life where everything is a given,” he said. said the Head of Finance of SYRIZA Efi Ahtsioglou in the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

“The prime minister has long shown that he is not prepared to protect the social majority, but now he is proving to be deeply offensive to the lives of citizens on a daily basis, and this cannot last for long,” he added.

“For 9 months the government has not been dealing with the problem of extreme accuracy at its root. Even the latest measures it has announced follow the same logic. It subsidizes the filthy profits, which the citizens pay double. “But it is doing everything possible to reduce them so that the energy companies are not burdened,” he said.

He stressed that “the other side of government policy is cynicism. The financial staff promotes a picture of high performance of the Greek economy, but at the same time the vast majority of citizens not only do not make a month but can not with their income to pay the electricity bill, the minimum wage has already lost 14% of its purchasing power since January, in GDP per capita in 2021 Greece holds the penultimate position in Europe with Bulgaria last, in energy inflation is in the first “OECD positions, well above the European average, the increase in inequalities has already started again in 2020.”

Referring to the completion of the enhanced supervision, she stressed that it “was already agreed in the summer of 2018, on the SYRIZA government, and its end was scheduled with a deadline in the summer of 2022. Is the ND government celebrating the specified and agreed? what would be normal, to derail it? And so he must accept congratulations that he did not derail it? “.

Finally, referring to the bill of the Ministry of Finance with tax incentives in companies for collaborations and corporate transformations, she noted that “it does not include any clause for keeping and increasing the jobs in the new company after the merger, but dismissals can be made. Also, the government does not ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises survive the escalating crises and are able to consider mergers and collaborations on a solid basis “.

“It does not take care to settle the debts that have accumulated in recent years – due to a pandemic, energy crisis and accuracy – with a” haircut “of debts. He does not take care to access bank lending and to have financial tools through the Development Bank. Excludes them from the Recovery Fund. What the bill actually does is motivate larger companies to absorb small ones. SYRIZA-PS. “It disagrees with the government’s strategy that sees small and medium-sized enterprises as weights.”


Source: Capital

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