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Earthquake – Afghanistan: 1,000 dead, 1,500 injured, 3,000 houses destroyed

Survivors search for wreckage in Afghanistan after 6.1 magnitude earthquake to at least 1,000 people. Insufficient communications network and lack of proper road network are hampering their efforts, according to officials.

The quake struck in the early hours of yesterday, about 160 kilometers southeast of Kabul in a mountainous and arid region, with small settlements near the border with Pakistan.

“We can not get to the area, the networks are so inadequate, we are trying to get updates,” Mohammad Ismail Muawiya, a spokesman for the Taliban’s highest-ranking military commander in Paktika province, told Reuters. more than the earthquake.

The death toll rises to about 1,000, he added, and the injured to about 1,500, while more than 3,000 homes have been destroyed. About 600 people were rescued yesterday, Wednesday night in various areas affected, he added.

Ambulances everywhere

The city of Gayan, which was located near its epicenter earthquakesuffered significant damage and most of its earthen buildings were damaged or completely collapsed, according to a Reuters team.

The city was packed with Taliban troops and ambulances as a supply helicopter landed nearby, raising clouds of dust. About 300 people were sitting on the ground waiting for help.

Accurate information coming from remote mountain villages hit by the quake is limited, the APE-MPE reported, citing Reuters.

Seismic activity occurs in large parts of southern Asia, where two tectonic plates meet, the Eurasian and the Indian.

In 2015, an earthquake in remote areas of northeastern Afghanistan claimed the lives of hundreds of people in that country and nearby areas in northern Pakistan.

Assistance from Japan and South Korea

THE South Korea plans to provide $ 1 million in humanitarian aid to earthquake victims in Afghanistan, according to the Seoul Foreign Ministry.

The necessary assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Afghanistan was also announced that the government plans to provide Japan.

Deputy Secretary-General Seiji Kihara said the government was coordinating its moves to “provide needed assistance immediately” as well as assessing the situation to understand local needs.

Source: News Beast

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