Earthquake in Turkey, hundreds of dead

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At least eight strong earthquakes struck in the night Turkey. According to the surveys of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the highest was recorded at 2.17 with a magnitude of 7.9. Another 7 were then felt, all between magnitude 4.7 and magnitude 5.6. The area is in southern Turkey, not far from the border with Syria.

According to data from Ingv and the US geological monitoring service Usgs, the earthquake had its hypocenter about 25 km deep and its epicenter in the province of Gaziantep.

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There would be at least 150 victims between Turkey and Syria. However, there would still be many people under the rubble. Hundreds injured in both countries. The shock was felt at Cyprus, in Lebanon and in Palestine. Turkey is in a highly seismic zone. In 1999 there were 17 thousand dead from an earthquake.

At first, an alarm went off tsunami in Italy after the earthquakes in Turkey. However, the first recordings revealed a hypothesis of wave height not exceeding 15-20 centimetres. For precautionary purposes, Ferrovie dello Sato has decided to stop railway traffic in Sicily, Calabria and Puglia.

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The foreign minister Antonio Tajani wrote a message to the Turkish authorities and people on Twitter: «I am close to the Turkish people hit by a violent earthquake that caused many victims. There will be no lack of help from Italy. The Foreign Ministry is contacting all Italians living in the region affected by the earthquake”.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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