Earthquake in Turkey: In Antioch, a neighborhood was almost leveled

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At No. 21 Street, Antioch, South Hatay Province Turkey, the houses of dozens of families were located until Sunday. On Monday (6/2), there was almost nothing left standing.

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The most devastating earthquake to hit Turkey since 1999 littered the road with huge piles of debris. It left survivors homeless, desperately searching for missing relatives, shocked, still trying to “digest” what happened to them.

Rescue crews are having difficulty reaching some of the hardest hit areas in the country due to damaged roads, bad weatherthe lack of sufficient reimgs, heavy machinery…

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“The words won’t come out, they’re stuck in my throat. Crying is no longer medical,” Halil Gentsoglou admitted yesterday, Tuesday (7/2). The city center looks to him, he continued, like a “ghost town”.

“We went back 50 years. Our lives were destroyed. Our children are deeply traumatized. Every house lost at least two or three people”.

Hard to find even one building standing on 21st Street. Debris as far as the eye can see. Dozens of injured people were pulled from the ruins of their homes until Sunday. People are standing on the street stunned, they can’t believe their eyes.

Abdulkadir Doan lost his parents in the earthquake. He wants to hope that they will save his cousin.

“We want them to save our women, our relatives, the people who were overwhelmed. This is the priority for us because what we want is to stay alive with them. My cousin is buried in the rubble and I’m here and I can’t do anything” to get out alive, he said.

The number of victims is increasing

The number of victims rose last night (7/2) to 7,826, while tens of thousands are injured and homeless in Turkey and Syria after the deadly earthquakes.

Turkey’s Vice President Fuat Oktay announced late Tuesday that at least 5,894 people had died and 34,810 were injured in the earthquakes.

In Syria, the death toll stands at 1,932, according to the latest tally based on figures provided by the health ministry and rescue workers. According to a statement by the country’s Ministry of Health, 812 people were killed and 1,449 injured in the areas under the control of government forces in the provinces of Aleppo (north), Lattakia (west), Hama (central) and Tartous (northwest). . In rebel-held areas of northwestern Syria, 1,120 people were killed and another 2,500 wounded, according to rescuers.

The death toll is expected to rise significantly as hundreds of people remain trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings and rescue teams race against time to find survivors.

Source: News Beast

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