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Ebony detonates Baco and other rappers in track; understand the wave of musical bullshit

Occasionally, artists in the musical universe end up exchanging barbs through their works, whether directly or indirectly and even if they are from different genres of music. To summarize the “musical bullshit”, it is common to use “diss”, an abbreviation of the English term “disrespect”.

Commonly, the term “diss track” (or disrespectful music, in literal translation) is often associated with the word “track”. This concept gained notoriety during the 1990s, considered a kind of “golden age” of Rap in the United States.

Reviving the exchange of offenses like in the times of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. the Brazilian rapper Ebony released a diss for fans of Rap Nacional and some artists from the scene, mentioning names like B.K. , Filipe Ret , Baco Exu do Blues , Orochi , Puterrier , Kyan , Major RD and more.

Titled “Hope Que Understand”, the song was produced by Larinhx and is available on the artist’s YouTube channel. The launch was among the most talked about topics on the social network “X”, formerly Twitter, this Wednesday (15).

In the lyrics, in addition to mentioning Baco Exu from Blues, she played a shade when citing his partnerships with singer Luísa Sonza:

“I heard that Baco said that I am overrated because I am from the southeast;

But he put me in the best so I could see the routine

At first I thought it was a wave

Then he went and did a feat. with Luísa Sonza

Damn, life, please, if you are limping, support your bankroll

I’m not even your girlfriend and you changed me for white.”

On the social network, the artist published a tweet and commented on female rivalry within the music scene. “My brother, I don’t compete with women. I want to beat the men’s numbers, I compete with men. I want them to realize right away that my pen is better than theirs. BK, Borges, Major, Ret, L7, Djonga, Xamã, I love you, but I’m going to kill you all. I hope you understand,” he wrote.

After the repercussion of the release, Ebony once again published a new publication for fans of the Rap Nacional genre. “These boys who are rap fans all have absent fathers because the rappers they like don’t care about them. The day they come to pop [e] having a MOTHER, they will understand what I’m saying”, he said.

At the end of the lyrics, she says that she likes all the rappers she mentioned in the song, but that what she is doing is “necessary”. “I’m not going to let men limit what size women can get to,” she concludes.

Below, check out Ebony’s new song:

Source: CNN Brasil

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