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Nine repatriates from Gaza leave shelter in the interior of SP

Two families and a man repatriated from the Gaza Strip left, on Wednesday night (15), the shelter provided by the federal government in the interior of São Paulo, where 22 Brazilians and Palestinians arrived this afternoon.

The group of nine people will stay in a hotel located in the Cambuci region, south of São Paulo, provided by the Palestinian Arab Federation of Brazil (Fepal) and the NGO Refúgio Brasil.

According to the president of Fepal, Ualid Rabah, accommodation in the center of São Paulo was already available for the group before their arrival in Brazil on Monday. However, the returnees decided to go first to the shelter prepared by the government.

“The location prepared by the government is further away, in a semi-rural area. Some of them already lived in São Paulo and preferred to come to the capital soon and take advantage of the working days to start their lives over after what they had been through”, said Rabah.

According to reports to CNN , among those who decided are families with children and a pregnant woman. Health conditions would also have contributed to their decision to leave the place on Monday night.

According to the president of Fepal, the institution only took the initiative to prepare accommodation after the government provided a shelter. “We were already looking for positive circumstances in São Paulo, imagining that some would choose to stay (in the capital) or need to quickly return from shelter. There was no competition.”

Wanted by CNN the National Secretariat of Justice (Senajus), of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, informed that returnees will continue to be cared for regardless of where they are sheltered.

“Everyone will be assisted by the federal government for as long as necessary and there is no fixed deadline. Nine people from three families chose to leave the shelter. They received an invitation to stay from Palestinian families in São Paulo and decided to accept”, confirmed Senajus.

That afternoon, the shelter, specialized in refugees, received 22 people, from seven families, who could stay in individual units, with bedrooms and bathrooms, a cafeteria for food and space for socializing.

The group that decided to remain in the shelter will be able to stay there indefinitely, as they requested help because they had nowhere to settle in Brazil.

Located in the rural area, the site has administrative space, classrooms, leisure areas and accommodation. The space functioned as a kind of farm hotel, but was renovated to receive refugees.

Currently, there are 119 Afghans at the site, which has spaces for 160 people. Venezuelans and Haitians have also passed through there.

Source: CNN Brasil

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