Ed Westwick is single again: it’s over with Tamara Francesconi

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The news that illuminates these first days of September is only one: Ed Westwick (who will always be Chuck Bass to me) is single again. The love story, which had been going on for almost two years, with the South African influencer Tamara Francesconi is over.

No official confirmation or post on social media – indeed on the respective Instagram profiles there are still photos of the couple in love – but there does not seem to be any doubt. Our Chuck Bass in fact, he presented himself to the GQ Men Of The Year Awards a London completely alone and, shortly after, came the statements of a source close to the couple who explained that the two are no longer together and that the reason for the breakup would be an alleged betrayal by the actor.

Indeed, it seems, it would not be an isolated case, but in the annals we can count more episodes of infidelity. At the famous party of GQ, Furthermore, was seen quite relaxed and amused in the company of Lottie Moss, stepsister of supermodel Kate.

However, it is still too early to update our sentimental status again Ed. Maybe it’s a passing crisis between him and his ex. Until just a few months ago they were on vacation together in Greece, enjoying the first summer sun and, behind them, they already had a year of coexistence due to Covid (the quarantine had forced them into the house together) which had made them, according to their stories, a very solid couple.

Let’s face it: for us who haven’t gotten over our crush on Chuck Bass yet, that can only be good news. I want to remember that the actor met the influencer by stumbling upon his profile Instagram and, between a like and a direct, love was born. So, in the next few days, we are betting everything on a complete restyling of our account.

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