“Education was not prioritized in the pandemic”, says expert on Ideb 2021

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Data from the Ministry of Education (MEC) released this Friday (16) show losses in all stages of basic education, both in public and private schools.

In an interview with CNN the president of Todos Pela Educação, Priscila Cruz, spoke about the impacts of the pandemic on the Brazilian education system.

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“Education was not prioritized in the pandemic, this is the truth, we cannot hide this situation”, he said.

The Basic Education Development Index (Ideb), the main indicator of Brazilian education, points out that literacy is the most impacted by the pandemic in the country.

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Compared to the period before Covid-19, the biggest drop in performance happened with students in the 2nd year of elementary school – in the literacy period – in the Portuguese language subject.

“Schools were too closed for a while, Brazil ended up prioritizing the reopening of other sectors long before schools, this choice took a toll, and it took a much higher price to children in less vulnerable situations,” added Priscila Cruz.

Check out the full interview in the video above.

Source: CNN Brasil

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