Efi Ahtsioglou: Proposal of the digital transition at 35 hours without salary reduction

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SYRIZA-PS Finance Minister Efi Ahtsioglou describes the reduction of working time without salary reduction – and not the abolition of the fixed working time brought by Mr. Hatzidakis “as a positive necessity and adds that” it is a project of the digital transition leading to increase productivity “.

Speaking at the “OT Forum”, he stated that “The SYRIZA-PS program has key peaks in the 35-hour working day without salary reduction, tackling precarious forms of work – for example, the fight against false self-employment by covering and recognizing the employee as to have all the rights that belong to him-, the increase of salaries in order to have a decent salary “.

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He claimed that “during the SYRIZA government, steps were taken to support labor rights at various levels, from the increase of the minimum wage, to the coverage of employees in the contractors, the justification of the dismissals, the strengthening of SEPE. However, ND abolished the protection measures of workers and the electronic declaration of overtime and overtime work “.

Ms. Ahtsioglu stressed that “it is crucial for employees to accept that there is room for improvement in their daily lives and a positive alternative perspective. There is great dissatisfaction and discomfort, mainly due to the government’s inaccuracy and refusal to deal with this crisis in favor of the citizens. “.

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He stressed, finally, that “SYRIZA-PS. Has institutionally submitted the request for elections since December. Mr. Mitsotakis must leave the paraphilology, set an election date and go there coordinates. They can not talk about toxic climate the people who opposed with helmets and said that we exchanged Macedonia with the pensions “.

Source: Capital

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