Efi Ahtsioglou: The denial of ICUs by Mr. Mitsotakis is unthinkable and dangerous

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“Mr. Mitsotakis made the unthinkable and dangerous statement that he has no indications that people who are ill and hospitalized outside the ICU are at greater risk of losing their lives than those inside the ICU. He denies the need for Intensive Care Units “to cover his own inadequacy and failure in the management of the pandemic and in the vaccination program”, said Efi Ahtsioglou in the TV station “ATLASTV”.

“The attitude of the government proves a complete lack of control,” he added, adding that “the prime minister said that compulsory vaccination was not his choice and a few days later imposed a fine on the elderly over 60, an extreme measure that does not apply anywhere in the world.”

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Ms. Ahtsioglu underlined that “our country is the first in deaths per million population in Europe, with tragic numbers of casualties and intubations, with a big problem in public hospitals”, but “the budget reduces state funding for public health by 820 million . and is based on the assumption that we end the pandemic in early 2022 “.

He also blamed “denial of reality” in the SW and wondered “how, while people are being lost outside the ICU, does the government claim to have adequately supported the public health system?”.

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“One in three households can not meet basic living needs and many small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling to survive,” she said, adding that “the government has not taken serious measures to protect them”, leaving us facing a new wave of humanitarian crisis.

He also pointed out the need to “increase the minimum wage to 800 euros” and “reduce excise duties on fuel for as long as the wave of accuracy lasts”.


Source From: Capital

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