Egypt: Unvaccinated civil servants barred from entering their workplace without a negative PCR test

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As of today, all unvaccinated civil servants are prohibited from entering the workplace in Egypt, with the exception of those who will test negative PCR every week.

The government’s decision, issued in October, aims to encourage people to get vaccinated, given that there are now enough vaccines, especially in the last two months.

A similar measure applies today to students and all teaching staff of the country’s state universities as, according to a decision of the Ministry of Higher Education, they will not be allowed to enter universities at all, unless they can present a vaccination certificate or negative PCR test every week.

The measure will force 1.2 million of the 3 million students to either be vaccinated immediately or undergo PCR every week, as 1.8 million students have already been vaccinated, as has 90% of the total. staff and staff of Egyptian State Universities.

According to official statements, also recorded by the newspaper “Al Ahram”, more than 26 million citizens in Egypt have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

However, the country is still at the peak of the fourth wave, recording an increased number of cases and deaths.

To date, 342,026 cases have been officially reported in Egypt, while 19,435 people have died from coronavirus complications.



Source From: Capital

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