Elderly man who worked in a supermarket manages to retire after going viral on TikTok

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An 82-year-old man is about to retire after a video of him goes viral on TikTok.

The story of Warren “Butch” Marion, a Navy veteran who worked for 16 years at Walmart, sparked an outpouring of generosity across the United States. It all started after Rory McCarty, a local businessman from Cumberland, in the state of Maryland, posted a video of the elderly man on the social network.

@bug_boys Replying to @heather.lyn45 Please share. Link and bio. Let’s retire Butch https://gofund.me/8c9a2794 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #fy #fypシ #donate #remove #walmart ♬ original sound – BugBoys
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McCarty pooled money online so Butch had enough to quit his day job at the supermarket chain.

“I saw this 82-year-old man just working and working hard at his age, it blew my mind,” McCarty said.

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In just a few days, more than US$100,000, equivalent to R$513,000, were raised. Butch was surprised by the mobilization and is already making plans for a well-deserved rest. “I’m going to Florida, I’m going to visit my children and grandchildren, I’m going fishing,” he said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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