Elections in Germany: 56% prefer Soltz for chancellor – Lassett is rejected by the majority of CDU / CSU

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Not even the majority of Christian Democrat and Christian Socialist (CDU / CSU) voters would like their candidate for chancellor Armin Lassett, according to a poll by the Forsa Institute, conducted on behalf of the RTL and ntv networks.

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More specifically only 44% of Christian Democrats and Christian Socialists voters would like Armin Lasset to be the next chancellor, according to the poll, which is cited by the APE MPE.

The vast majority of Social Democrat voters (SPD) and of Greens would like him Olaf Solts for chancellor, while more than half of the Liberal Party voters (FDP) also prefer Solts.

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The 56% of all the citizens interviewed would prefer Olaf Soltz for chancellor and only 11% would prefer Armin Lassett.

50% of respondents are in favor of a “lantern coalitionThat is, consisting of the SPD, the Greens and the Liberal Party (FDP).

The 22% would prefer a “Jamaica coalitionThat is, consisting of the CDU / CSU, the Greens and the FDP and the 13% would prefer a new grand coalition of the SPD and the CDU / CSU.

Almost everyone Greens voters polled would prefer an SPD, Greens and FDP coalition.

Even betweenFDP voters, the majority is in favor of the “lantern coalition”.

THE majority of conservatives (CDU / CSU) voters prefer a “Jamaican coalition”.

If the president of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Markus Zender was a candidate for chancellor instead of Armin Lasset, Christian Democrats and Christian Socialists would have done better in Sunday’s election, according to the same poll.

“Yesterday, immediately after the ballot box closed, we asked more than 5,000 voters. Above theone tenth Voters in the other parties said they would have voted for the Christian Democrats / Christian Socialists (CDU / CSU) if Zender had been nominated for chancellor. With Zender they would have overcome it 30%“, Said the head of Forsa Manfred Guilner on RTL and ntv networks.

Surprises for many candidates last night

It is worth mentioning, in the meantime, that the yesterday’s election hid surprises for several party candidates, as well as many prominent executives failed either to be elected or to win the “direct mandate” of the voters of their district.

According to the response of APE BPE from Berlin, the case of the candidate for Chancellor of the Greens is more typical Analena Berbock, which lost in Potsdam to Social Democratic Party (SPD) candidate Olaf Soltz. It was the first time that two candidates for Chancellor claimed the same mandate.

Mrs Burbock, however, secures her entry into the Federal Parliament through her list of her party in the state of Brandenburg.

The third candidate for Chancellor, Armin Lasset from the Christian Union (CDU / CSU), avoided running for “direct mandate” and was elected by list of the CDU in North Rhine – Westphalia.

He will be left out of Parliament Hans-Georg Maassen, former head of the secret services who was a candidate with the CDU in Thuringia. Mr Maassen had even been criticized by his party officials for his relations with the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

The Chief of Staff of the Chancellery also lost the battle of the “direct mandate” Helge Brown, who is elected with the CDU list in Hesse, but also the Minister of Agricultural Economy Julia Kleckner (CDU), which will be elected through the list in Rhineland – Palatinate.

Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s seat in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern lost to CDU as candidate candidate Georg Gooder lost to the Alternative for Germany (AfD) candidate.

On the contrary, the “direct mandate” in Stuttgart was comfortably won by the former leader of the Greens Cem Etzdemir, but also the candidate for the leadership of the CDU Friedrich Mertz in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Haiko Maas (SPD) in Saarland.

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