Elections officially start and experts warn of investment risks

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There are 42 days left for the first round of the 2022 elections, and for now, the financial market does not seem to be giving so much importance to the results of polls of intention to vote. Sensitivity to the polls, however, tends to increase as of this week — especially next Tuesday (16), the day that marks the official start of electoral campaigns.

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It is also this Tuesday that Alexandre de Moraes takes office in the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), which makes him, perhaps, the most courageous leader of the legal instance in this environment of political polarization practically unprecedented since redemocratization.

Regarding the government programs published so far, the candidates seem to be scorched about what happened in 2014. At the time, then-candidate Marina Silva detailed her government program to such an extent that it provided a backcloth for harsh attacks on her campaign, including by former allies. Now, however, the issues most sensitive to votes converge on many points, and the fight centers around social programs, such as Auxílio Brasil and Bolsa Família.

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In this Monday’s episode (15), economist and expert CNN Sergio Valle deals with the limits between politics and economics – and if the market manages to ignore, or continue not to consider it more strongly, in its scenarios and in the decisions of investment.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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