Electronic clock and weather 10.1.0

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Electronic clock and weather – display the weather forecast and air temperature for the current day, time, date and day of the week. Weather forecast you can rely on.

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Digital Clock & Weather is a highly customizable live wallpaper app.

You can set up the following features:

  • Wallpaper
  • neon glow effect
  • Weather forecast and air temperature
  • Show date, day of the week, seconds
  • Change clock color, size and position
  • Parallax effect
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Full featured, fully customizable digital clock and live wallpaper with weather forecast.

Can be used as “night clock”. Live wallpaper with weather and clock.

Get ready for wind, rain or sun with the most accurate weather forecast.

Perfectly designed state of the art atomic clock that displays accurate time and date, weather forecast and more.

No need to ask a stranger “what time is it”, the exact time, date and weather forecast is always on your screen.

Digital Clock & Weather Live Wallpaper is the perfect digital clock theme with innovative time and date design.

The subtle neon glow will make you fall in love with your new smart watch.

The smartwatch automatically determines the weather forecast for your current location.

Whether you need today’s weather or today’s temperature, it’s always on the screen of your phone or tablet.

“Digital Clock & Weather” helps you prepare for any weather and temperature, be prepared for sudden drastic weather changes with daily weather forecast.

A digital clock or atomic clock is a type of clock that displays time digitally, as opposed to analog clocks where the time is indicated by the position of the rotating hands.

The smart watch can display weather data, providing you with the most accurate weather information at your fingertips.

Whether it’s wind, rain or even a hurricane, you can always be one step ahead with weather radar.

To represent time, most digital clocks (or atomic clocks) use a seven-segment LED, VFD or LCD for each of the four digits. Digital clocks (atomic clocks) typically also include other elements to indicate morning or afternoon, whether an alarm is set or not, and so on.

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