Speed ​​reading – Schulte table

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Speed ​​Reading – Schulte Table – will help you read lectures, books, news faster than others. The Schulte table is a simple and convenient application for the development of speed reading and memory, attention. The skill of speed reading and assimilation of textual information using special techniques is 3-4 times more effective than ordinary reading. You can: Read the entire book right in the bookstore. Prepare for an important event in a 20-minute subway ride. Notice footnotes in small print in any contract. Succeed in exams and tests. Spend free time on yourself. Be one step ahead of your competitors. Randomly placed numbers, usually 5×5 elements in size and usually consisting of numbers and letters. You can download this application for self-development. This application will help: Activate brain activity. Learn to instantly concentrate and focus. Develop the skill of voluntary attention. Improve peripheral vision. Develop the functions of perception. Develop memory.

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The Schulte table must be passed looking strictly at the center of the table and with peripheral, peripheral vision to find numbers or letters in ascending order. The faster all numbers or letters are found in ascending order, the better.

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