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Elena Papadopoulou (OTE): Education and development of people is a driving force of transformation

Elena Papadopoulou (OTE): Education and development of people is a driving force of transformation

The key role of training and development of employees in the success of a transformation, spoke the Chief Officer of OTE Human Resources Group, Ms. Elena Papadopoulou, at the EASE event entitled “Business Transformation through Learning & Development”, held at OTEAcademy. In her speech, Ms. Papadopoulou used the example of the OTE Group and its course from 2010 until today, to map how the special reskilling and upskilling programs of the employees contributed to each phase of the transformation, an investment amounting to € 4 million. . each year.

“During the first phase of transformation, our goal was to evolve into a modern, efficient and competitive technology company, with the customer in focus. HR’s priority during this period was to renew our human resources in a socially responsible way, while reducing our costs “, said Ms. Papadopoulou, and stood on the training and development initiatives:” Through targeted programs on the one hand we ensured that all old and new employees “speak the same language” in terms of customer service and on the other hand we enabled to our people to develop their knowledge in new technologies and management practices, in order to support the effort to change the culture and the formation of a modern business environment “.

Regarding the digital transformation, the head of Human Resources of the OTE Group noted: “Our job as HR, is to recognize, in collaboration with Business, what are the required future skills and to take care to bring them from the market “or even create them in our company. To this end we have designed Upskilling & Re-skilling Academies and Assessment & Development Centers, while giving our employees free access to the digital learning platforms Percipio & Coursera”.

Moving forward, the big challenge for the OTE Group is to enhance flexibility through the adoption of a lean and agile operating model. “The goal is to become even more flexible, in order to respond immediately to the ever-changing needs of our customers and the external business environment. To educate our people in this new way of working we have created agile bootcamps, for education and the change of mindset required by the new model “.

In closing, Ms. Papadopoulou stressed that a successful transformation is not possible without the parallel planning of special educational programs: “education and development contribute decisively to change, alleviate and facilitate difficult situations and give a practical vision for the future through the visible continuous investment in This not only leads to the achievement of the company’s goals, but also creates the basis for what we call employee engagement “.

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