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Eliana gets emotional in the last program on SBT: “See you soon”

O Eliana’s last program on SBT took place this Sunday (23) after 15 years of the show being on air. The last episode was marked by surprises, tributes and recaps of pictures that marked Eliana’s career on the channel.

“This stage was an important part of my life for 15 years and, therefore, much of what I experienced was told here first”, declared the presenter.

“I am grateful that you welcomed me with so much affection. My dreams, my victories, my difficulties and everything that made me a better human being,” she added.

Eliana also thanked the team that has been part of her program over the years. “You guys are f**a,” she said.

And she took the opportunity to send a message to Silvio Santos, with whom she said she doesn’t keep in touch often, but knows that the two still have a connection: “I will take your advice forever, you are my teacher. Thank you so much for everything and for so much.”

Surprise with the family

Eliana was also surprised by the presence of her family on the program. Her mother, her sister and her two children went up on stage to hug the presenter.

Shortly before the end, Eliana sang the song “Our Lady”, by Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos, together with the singer Daniel, who was the special guest on today’s program.

She said an emotional goodbye to the audience, surrounded by her family and with an image of Our Lady in her hands. “Now I’m going. Let’s go together, my dear audience. I love you. We will be together. We’re going, but we’ll see you soon. I’m counting on you!”, she said emotionally.


Eliana’s last program on SBT was full of memories and memories of the most memorable moments experienced by the presenter.

It was on the program’s stage that Eliana announced firsthand her two pregnancies — her children Arthur, 12, and Manuela, 6 —, the difficulties of a high-risk pregnancy during her daughter’s pregnancy and their participation in the program was already a little more old.

The presenter was also surprised by participants from the program.

A group of dancers performed to the sound of Madonna while Beleza Renovada participants paraded on stage.

“You have no idea how happy it is to see you. I believe in the power of our union and I think it is so powerful that we can meet again after a while and see that, in fact, you have transformed”, Eliana commented to the participants, crying.

The presenter also traveled back in time remembering interviews she did with great personalities, such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry .

She was thrilled to be honored by participants in the musical competition boards. The artists, who were on the program, sang the song “Trem-bala”, by Ana Vilela, for her.

“I say it’s more than a program, it’s a life mission. […] Everything I do, I do with love”, said Eliana, moved.

Eliana also welcomed presenter Celso Portiolli, comedian Marlei Cevada and journalist Regina Volpato on stage, to congratulate her on her career at the broadcaster.

Source: CNN Brasil

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