Elisabetta Gregoraci and Giulio Fratini: to Verissimo the «almost» confirmation

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For months now, gossip has been speculating on the alleged relationship between the forty-two year old Elisabetta Gregoraci And Giulio Fratini, a Florentine entrepreneur who is eleven years younger than her and has in the past been linked to other small screen starlets such as Raffaella Fico And Robert Morise. To date, the two had never said anything about the alleged liason. But now Elizabeth, in the living room of very trueuttered words interpreted by many as confirmation of the relationship.

Asked about hers current relationship statusElisabetta Gregoraci did not unbutton much, and also explained why: «When I live, things are a bit superstitious, I’m always anxious that something will happen». But then, without mentioning the name of her new love, she added: “I’m living this thing very serenely, very day by day, but I am so happy! Fingers crossed…». The man who makes her happy, in all probability, is Fratini himself. The two have been paparazzi together several times and last summer the gossip told of long chats between Gregoraci and Fratini on the sunbeds of the Twiga in Forte dei Marmi, seasoned with aperitifs at sunset and complicit glances.

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Chatting with Silvia Toffanin, Elisabetta also spoke about her ex-husband Flavio Briatorefrom which he had the twelve year old Nathan Falco. The two have been divorced for six years now but the fans of the ex couple have never stopped hoping for a flashback. Gregoraci in the living room of very true she dedicated words full of affection to her ex-husband. But on the possibility of a reunion she was categorical: «No, we won’t get back together. It’s been six years since we broke up. We decided to break up after thirteen years, but we never stopped being a family. Flavio and I love each other very much, we have respect for each other, we spend a lot of time together because in any case we remain a mum and a dad, and we live 500 meters away from each other. Sometimes we fight, but Flavio knows that they are always there for himwho can count on me.”

Words that echo those pronounced by Briatore, a few months ago, in an interview with Seven. The entrepreneur, revealing that he is single and happy because his only wish today is “to spend as much time as possible” with Nathan (“my happiness”) in fact he had declared about his ex-wife: “Even if we are separated, she remains the mother of my son”. And Nathan Falco, regardless of each other’s sentimental situations, remains their priority.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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