Elizabeth II asked to listen to Beatles during dinner, says ex-French president

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Former French President François Hollande recalled this Saturday (10) the day queen elizabeth II asked him, in his slight English accent, for the Republican Guard orchestra to play The Beatles during a state dinner.

Hollande hosted the Queen in June 2014 for a three-day state visit that marked the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Allied D-Day landings in Second World War .

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“She talked about being friends with France and her taste for French culture and the arts in general,” said Hollande, who was president of the France until 2017.

“At one point the Republican Guard was playing some classical music and I asked her what she would like to hear and she said can they play Beatles? So the orchestra played several of their songs,” Hollande told Reuters, referring to the military unit that provides honor guards at official ceremonies.

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“That was the queen. She could be stern…but she also had a lot of humanity. She was a woman who had knowledge of France and the French language, which she spoke to perfection, adding a slight accent to remind us of her origins,” he said.

Source: CNN Brasil

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