Elizabeth II, having tea with Joe and Jill Biden at Windsor Castle

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It ended with the visit of Joe e Jill Biden the Queen’s busy weekend at Windsor Castle Elisabetta.

The American President and his wife arrived in Berkshire on Sunday June 13, as scheduled, for a brief meeting with Her Majesty, which was held after the celebrations for the monarch’s 95th birthday, the traditional Trooping The Colour, albeit in a reduced form due to the restrictions due to the pandemic, as was also the case in June 2020.

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The Bidens, flown by helicopter from Cornwall, were greeted by a picket of honor in the courtyard of the castle, and after the performance of the US national anthem they entertained a little with the sovereign. A few chats and lots of smiles for Elizabeth II, who appeared in an excellent mood. With her, the President and the First Lady then had tea, but in a decidedly confidential form: only a portrait of the three was released, posing in a corridor of the building.

Joe Biden was the 13th US President in office to have met the Queen, who in the course of his almost seventy years of reign, from Truman onwards, has “skipped” only Lyndon B. Johnson, but was the first not to have met Prince Philip, who passed away last April at the age of 99.

Unlike many predecessors, a state dinner was not organized for Biden, but everything took place in a very discreet way, both because of the restrictions due to the pandemic and because the visit was framed in the commitments of the G7.. “She reminded me of my mother, her looks and her generosity,” Biden commented to reporters before leaving the UK, “He’s extremely kind, it’s no surprise, we had a good chat”, he added.

Before him, only four other presidents had been welcomed to Windsor: Donald and Melania Trump in 2018, Barack and Michelle Obama in 2016, George and Laura Bush in 2008, Ronald and Nancy Reagan in 1982. Who knows that the next meeting is not at Buckingham Palace, for now it is certain that the sovereign in recent days he overshadowed everyone with his sense of humor and the unsettling jokes. Since he took up a sword to cut a cake together with Kate Middleton and Camilla of Cornwall, to his sentence before the ritual photo with the leaders of the world: “Should it seem like we’re having fun? “, he said, displacing everyone. To answer, Boris Johnson: “Yes definitely, we are having fun despite appearances.” A vera (royal) star.

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