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Elizabeth II: know the next steps from the funeral to the coronation of Charles

Elizabeth II: know the next steps from the funeral to the coronation of Charles

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, this Thursday (8), the protocols described in “Operation London Bridge” are adopted. The name is a reference to the way in which Prime Minister Liz Truss is informed of her death: “London Bridge is down”.

THE CNN Brazil listened to the professor of International Relations at ESPM in Porto Alegre, Roberto Uebel, to understand the next steps since the announcement of the death, funeral and coronation of King Charles III.

Charles is immediately king, and he has chosen the name/title he will use. He could opt for Charles III or even George VII. He was baptized Charles Philip Arthur George and was able to accept either title.

There is then the proclamation of the king’s accession within 48 hours of his death. This is just a formality, a short document, as he already holds power. As pointed out by Uebel, it is carried out by a kind of council formed by about 500 people, including ministers and members of the nobility.

“It only needs to go through a proclamation within 48 hours [da morte]. Then the anthem is changed. He does not take office, the ‘possession’ is the coronation, which is a symbology”, explains the professor.

death notification

The Foreign Office’s Global Response Center (FCDO) sends the news to the 15 governments outside the UK where the Queen is head of state, and to the other 38 Commonwealth countries.

Ministers are immediately informed by email of the death. After this, the flags in Whitehall will be lowered to half-mast (within 10 minutes from the time of the announcement).

An official crosses the courtyard of Buckingham Palace and affixes the “Official Notification” of the death to the gates.

The Royal Family website is also changed to a black page with a confirmed death statement, and the UK government website will display a black top banner.

funeral and coronation

The date of the queen’s death is known as “D-Day”. Each day thereafter, until the funeral, will be D+1 Day, D+2 Day, etc.

As Uebel explains, the queen’s coffin is temporarily in the palace at Holyroodhouse. On Saturday (9), he will be transported to Buckingham Palace, when the funeral process itself begins.

On the fifth day after death, the coffin is transferred to the Palace of Westminster. Public visitation begins on D+6.

On the days D+7 and D+8, tributes are paid. Meanwhile, King Charles takes a mourning journey through England, Scotland and Wales.

The 9th day is the last day of the funeral, and the 10th day is the state funeral, when the burial takes place. The professor points out that heads of state from around the world are invited to the ceremony.

Source: CNN Brasil



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