Elizabeth’s Journey to Greece – Why She Never Came as Queen

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THE Queen Elizabeth she may have ascended her throne Britain in 1952 and yes it remained until her death in 2022but he never visited her Hellas as a monarch, unlike dozens of other countries abroad.

In accordance with bbc.com she had come to our country only once, two years before assuming official duties as monarch, and since then she has not set foot again, unlike her son Karolos, who has visited Greece many times.

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As the British publication reports, Elizabeth came to Greece in 1950 with her husband Philip, who had Greek roots. At the time, he was only 24 years old and came at the invitation of the Greek royal couple Paul and Frederick.

Queen Elizabeth

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Also, the third reason is the role that Britain played in the independence of Cyprus and the horrible tortures done to Cypriot fighters.

Thus, she was not keen on a return to Greece, especially since her husband, for whom she had a “pathological love”, as royal circles have reported over the years, did not want to.

Source: News Beast

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